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A high quality provision of 体育课 should ignite a lifelong love for 体育运动 and physical activity in addition to equipping students with the passion and knowledge needed to lead a healthy, 积极的生活方式. Physical education explicitly teaches the necessary knowledge and skills for working with and relating to others, and provides the learning opportunities to develop these skills.  It enables the development of leadership and teamwork skills and encourages students to transfer knowledge to other learning areas. 举个例子, 通过支持学生在其他科目上合作学习, or when working with groups in a leadership role in the school setting and in their lives outside school in 体育运动s clubs or community groups. This links to the whole school intent of developing the students’ depth of knowledge, having a richness of experience and developing their strength of character.

体育在365足球外围是结构化的提供 students with the ability to perform a variety of skills and techniques across 一系列不同的运动和体力活动. 这提供了一个基础 upon which a student can progress and develop their ability to use tactical strategies to successfully overcome and outwit an opponent within a range of 竞技体育和体育活动. 此外,七年级和八年级的学生 have the opportunity to experience aesthetic 体育运动s such as Dance and Gymnastics. This introduces them to an entirely different set of physical skills, dance styles and gymnastic disciplines allowing them to produce unique choreography 运用一系列的分析技巧.


Once students reach 年9 they have the option to pursue 体育课 as an examination subject. 不希望将体育作为普通中等教育证书学习的学生, follow a programme of study that focuses on developing their practical skill, 性格发展和体育精神. The focus is on promoting a positive mental wellbeing in addition to a healthy, 积极的生活方式.  除此之外, they continue to build on the basic skills and techniques learnt in 一年s 7 and 8 towards the implementation of skills that are more advanced, 游戏玩法和战术意识.

年9 至11:GCSE PE

365足球外围的GCSE365外围app下载的目的不仅仅是为学生准备 their next steps in education but also to provide them with a wide range of transferable skills useful in higher education, employment and future careers. 

一年 12和13:非考试(核心)体育

Students who do not wish to study Physical education at A Level, follow a programme of study that focuses on promoting positive mental wellbeing in addition to a healthy, 积极的生活方式, with lifelong participation in 体育运动.

一年 12、13:A Level PE

A Level体育是一门有趣且具有挑战性的365外围app下载 extends the knowledge learned at GCSE, as well as covering new content. 他们 cover three key theoretical areas; Physiology and Anatomy, Sports 心理学, 体育社会学与技术.

Co-curriculum 课外活动

这个系提供各种各样的课外活动和 co-curricular activities, which allow students to experience new 体育运动s and activities not covered in lessons, or develop their skills in 体育运动s in which 他们已经参与了. 此外,还有一些活动 particularly on helping students make sense of, and take responsibility for, 他们的身心健康.  Extracurricular activities led by students themselves, along with coaching and umpiring opportunities, provide an opportunity to develop leadership 技能,时间管理和组织能力. 有些团体和 活动包括:

  • 体育领袖(10年级,获得二级奖励)
  • 大量的午餐俱乐部活动, 哪一个在全年半学期的基础上变化, including; netball, 足球, 标签橄榄球, 越野, 游泳, 盲人门球, 瑜伽, 乒乓球, 羽毛球, 疯, 板球, 体育运动, 拳击, 健身, 跳舞等等
  • Fixtures and competitions in a wide variety of 体育运动s; students have the opportunity to represent the school at district, 县级甚至国家级
  • 全校每半学期举行一次形式间的比赛
  • 年度无挡板篮球之旅(针对选定的无挡板球队)
  • A biannual Gym and Dance Show (performing, or helping backstage)


该部门有广泛的室内和室外 设施.  室内设施包括 large 体育运动s hall with 3 羽毛球 courts, a large gymnasium, a dance studio, a 25 metre, 4 lane 游泳 pool and a dedicated classroom with resources for 体育理论的传授.

这所学校有宽阔的操场,操场上有标记 with grid areas in the Autumn and Spring term, and with a 400m 体育运动 track 在夏季学期.  户外区域包括 a discus circle, a shot circle, a javelin throwing area, 4 疯 pitches and 有坑的长/三级跳远跑道. 此外还有6个无挡板球场 全天候的表面.             

机会 进一步研究及目的地

所有大学都接受A级体育365外围app下载 and gives access to higher education and 体育运动 related employment opportunities including 体育运动s nutrition, 体育运动s psychology, 体育运动s journalism and the 休闲产业包括个人培训. 学习体育也给学生 许多可转移技能.  例如 many aspects of PE involve working in teams towards a common goal. 通过 playing team 体育运动s and problem solving with others, students develop clear communication skills, leadership skills, self-confidence and resilience.